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Valentine's Day Hershey Kiss Chocolate Cookie Cutter & Stamp

Valentine's Day Hershey Kiss Chocolate Cookie Cutter & Stamp

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3.3 in. W x 3.1 in. T

Recommended to gently coat cutter and stamp in flour to prevent sticking.

Made with self-sterilizing steel tips. At higher temperatures, steel nozzles are used for medical and food-grade parts.

Cutter creates sharp outline for cookie, fondant, play-doh, etc and the Stamp provides the finishing details! Perfect for cookies, fondant, play-doh, etc.

Cutter and stamp are made with PLA food safe material. PLA is made from raw materials (renewable resources and byproducts like corn starch and cassava roots)including food safe color pigments and additives. The material is also compostable, recyclable.

*NOTE: This is not dishwasher safe & should be hand washed only. Do not soak, wash in warm soapy water only. *

Colors of the cutters/stamps are for picture purposes only and finished color may vary*Actual color of stamp and cutter may vary from pictured*

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